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Can you really lose weight eating fast food? Yes, here's the guide.


Fast Food 30 is a guide to navigating your way to weight loss while enjoying the food brands you thought were off limits. Based on emerging science around blood glucose, and powered by data from Limbo, the book explodes many of the things you believed about fast food, and nutrition in general.

Fast Food 30 is not a diet. It's a practical guide that tells you how to...

Spot the most common hidden 'gotchas'

How to see which menu items have hidden unhealthy ingredients that will throw your body and weight loss off track.


Order healthy items when you're short of time

Clever tricks and tips to choose the optimal foods when you're on the go, or pressed for time.

Navigate the most common menus

The book includes a reference guide for 30 different fast food brands and types, including the most popular food chains.

About the author

Liton before and after

Liton lost 25kg (55 pounds) in 8 months

He learned to make better choices which quickly changed his habits.

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Business coach Liton had spent many years coaching people into better habits at work, but it was only when he 

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A new science of blood glucose

By understanding his blood glucose and avoiding foods that threw off his levels, Liton Ali lost 24kg in 6 months – and is continuing to lose weight.

Liton's 6 month journey was possible thanks to decades of physiology research – and a new understanding of how the body manages its energy levels.

The programme Liton Ali went through stemmed from a new understanding of blood glucose – the 'currency' of the body's energy system – and how it can be measured and managed to achieve an individual's goals, like weight loss.

His dramatic results took place without a diet or exercise regime. Instead, he reset his relationship with food, developed better habits around nutrition and exercise and used a scientific approach to managing his energy levels. 

He used blood glucose monitoring technology from weight loss brand Limbo, paired with interviews with people who had been through weight loss and kept it off, to understand their habits.

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Fast Food 30 will give you an introduction to this new science, as well as practical ways to apply it in real life – including in fast food restaurants.

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About Limbo

Limbo takes the guesswork out of losing weight by showing you how your food choices, exercises and rest affect your body's energy system.

By seeing how your choices affect your blood glucose, it coaches you to burn fat and reset your habits for good.

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